My name is Hendra, Nice to meet You! I'm a Software engineer specialized in JavaScript (ES6/Node.Js) and React. I have great passion in functional programming, and web development. Currently working fulltime as Front-end Developer at Hara, but I do some freelance jobs and writing about tech too.
I have 3+ years (and counting!) of expertise in web development, mainly using React JS and modern javascript to deliver business-driven web or web-applications with solid, tested, and scalable architecture design. I get used to coding with clean, error-safe, and testable code, with a Functional Programming paradigm.
Also, I'm a minimalist.


Modern Web-Application Development
Using React JS or MERN stack to deliver business driven web-based application with solid, tested and scalable architecture design.
Ready to deliver clean, linted, error-safe, scalabe and testable code, with functional programming paradigm.

Working Experience

May 2018 - Present
Dattabot / Hara Token
Front-End Developer
Building hara for business platform to monitor loan applications, land ownership, and risk management for micro-loan (KUR) product. Used by BNI & BTPNS for massive data procesing
Jun 2017 - May 2018
Lyto /
Full-Stack Developer
AN-TAR is a lyto sister company that provide couriers for buying goods and foods especially for high rise building. Building entire AN-TAR ecosystem ( Mobile apps: courier and client, Backend Services, CI/CD, CMS Dashboard).
Apr 2017 - May 2018
Lyto Datarindo Fortuna
Web Developer / R&D
Building several Lyto’s and Gravindo’s game sites, providing new features for their websites, also integrate and automate internal lyto advertising services and reports.
Oct 2016 - Apr 2017
Mediatron / Telkom DDS - HEX
Java Developer / IT Support Engineer
Dedicated to support product R&D for DDS and HEX unit. Building IoT platform, and it implementation via mobile apps.

Professional Skills

Modern JavaScript (ES6)
MERN Stack

Hendra 'hare' Sadewa

Tech enthusiast, likes ThinkPads and weird music.

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